Doctor Computer

Prior to adequately treating your medical condition it is absolutely essential to establish an accurate diagnosis. In light of rising health care costs and increasing pressure on health care providers to see more patients, the traditional physician and patient encounter is changing. It is not uncommon to spend more time waiting to see the doctor than actual time with the doctor. At Pacific Spine & Pain Center we believe that listening to our patients is the most vital aspect of the patient encounter. William Osler, a well-known physician in the 1800s once said, “Listen to your patient, he is telling you the diagnosis.” During your office visit we are committed to give you our full attention so that we can adequately treat your pain. Arriving at a diagnosis and treatment plan begins with a thorough understanding of your life, activities and symptoms.

Along with a detailed history, a comprehensive physical examination is performed to further determine the cause of your pain. At times it may be necessary to order an ultrasound, x-ray, mri, or an emg/ncs to assist in establishing an accurate diagnosis. In addition, it may be necessary to perform a diagnostic block (with local anesthetic) using the guidance of x-ray or ultrasound to better localize the source of your pain.