Individualized Care

Individualized Treatment

Over the past two decades there has been an enormous shift in healthcare. With rising healthcare costs the small physician practices of the past are slowly fading away. More and more physicians are joining larger medical practices and hospitals. With increasing demands to “increase volume” shorter office visits and longer wait times are all too common. Often, personalized care is lost in this process.

Here at Pacific Spine & Pain Center we strive to provide you the individualized care that was once integral to the doctor’s visit. In short, we want to get to know you and believe we can more successfully address your pain after a thorough understanding of you as an individual. Your goals and expectations are vital to the healing process.

Furthermore, we believe in patient-centered care and involve you in the treatment plan. We want you to actively participate in this process. We do not believe that “one size fits all.” Most conditions we treat can be approached from multiple treatment options, and we want our patients to be aware of these options. At Pacific Spine & Pain Center we provide you with the information you need to know about your diagnosis and treatment options, and together we determine a plan that best suits your needs.